🟢 2 Weeks | 9-20 September

Web Development
With Django

Don't just build websites, Build websites that SELLS

Key Learning Takeaways

Develop the skill to start building an e-commerce website from scratch
Analyze the intricacy and usage of Django Framework.
Gain hands-on real world experience by Django inbuilt features and migrations.
Learn how to set up products
Learn to build complex functionalities like Add to Cart and Purchase.
Learn to build Dynamic User Dashboard.
Master the fundamentals of flow between backend and frontend.
Learn simple, clever ways to make user Signup and Signin.
Develop the ability to integrate a frontend framework.
Understand frontend tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript with Bootstrap to design your fabulous website and provide functionality.
Learn to make top grade website applications.
Gain a full understanding of building a complete e-commerce website.
Get a hang of how to integrate Payment Gateways.
Become an expert in integrating Mailchimp.

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The Curriculum

Invest 2 weeks to transform yourself into a complete Web Developer building exquisite websites. Join the Masters working in this domain by having learnings and guidance from them and stamp your presence on the Internet.

Workshop begins on 9th Sept 📢

Day 1
September 9
Welcome Call & Hello World 🎉

Kickstart your journey of becoming a web developer. Get acquainted with complete workshop. Introduce yourself & network with other classmates.

  • Meet your bootmates in Discord 👋
  • Access your personalised dashboard.
  • Get to know the Masters
  • Receive valuable workshop resources & guides
  • Understanding Internet Backbone & Start the Journey
Day 2 - 5
September 10th - 13th
Backend With Django Part 1 💻

Setup the environment, start the project & Understand the essence of framework,MVTs Architecture and how industry leaders render it for millions of users around the world maintaining the security.

  • Understanding Project Statement
  • Setting up Environment
  • Understanding Django Frameworks, uses and it's Architecture
  • Preparing Ecommerce Web Softwares Flow
  • Grasp on Django Administration
  • Understanding & Working with Inbuild features
  • Migrations, Database connectivity and ORM
  • Milestone Projects
Day 6 - 8
September 16th - 18th
Game of Frontend 🌈

We will explore the intricacies of Frontend technologies and learn how to code and design astounding websites using it. Master HTML, CSS, Javascript & Bootstrap.

  • First Step
  • Mastering Basic & Advanced HTML5
  • Page Structure
  • Building WebPage Essentials
  • Getting Your Feet Wet With HTML5 And CSS3
  • Extra Bonus Lectures - More CSS - Enjoy :)
  • Let's Build Websites
  • Javascript concepts in detail (ES6)
  • Javascript events and DOM Manipulations
  • Bootstrap Fundamentals
  • Rounding out your skills to build websites
  • Milestones Projects
Day 9-10
September 19th - 20th
Backend With Django Part 2 🌎

Get to know and code advanced features on website and deploy your website on cloud.

  • Flow between Frontend & Backend
  • Adding Bonus features & functionalities
  • Validations & Integrating frontend Frameworks
  • Deployment on Cloud.
  • Building fully functional Ecommerce Website
  • Milestone Projects

Experience MADNESS.
Experince a Gamified version of Education first time ever with us!
Experience and be the part of a MAD team in MADroom. Convince Discord Bot to rank you up on leaderboards.

Fight in battles conducted between teams
Team of 5
1:1 interactions with teammates and mentors
Assignment grading and Submission
Resource Management
Graded Points System
Mentors and teammates can rate each other and get private feedback on assignments. You will receive points on:

Innovative ideas
Teamplay ability
Technical skills
Complexity & Usefullness of Project
Communication skills
Leadership skills
14+ Projects 🚀

Reserve Your MAD SEATS
This is a workshop with built-in challenges, guidance and personal mentorship from mentors to unlock your full potential.


1200 INR

Why this workshop is special?

Undivided 1:1 mentorship and guidance from top mentors
Procure the value of a team based learning structure
Discover the world of a peer graded system
Experience Gamifies version of Education
Enchanting MAD Graduation ceremony
Personal Dashboard

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Meet Your Masters.
Learn from Real Mentors from industry

Tirth Shah
Leader, The MAD
Web Developer
Aqib Ahmed
Leader, The Mad
Software Dev, Colt Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions.

When will the workshop go live?
The workshop will start at 9th September 2020.
What is the duration of the course and how much time should I allot?
The total duration of the workshop is 2 weeks. The course content is designed in such a way that it requires 1-2 hours/day for you to do your day to day activities and also have enough time to work on the projects.
What is the Prerequisite for this workshop?
Nothing much, just basic understanding of Python (for loop, while, variables, functions, objects & classes). That's it! With this knowledge you can surely take your Web-Dev Skills at top notch with us.
Will there be live classes? If so, what time?
The Live Classes will be taken by Tirth & Aqib on GMeet and it will yake place every 5 days per week. The time slots for the session will be around 6-8 pm and sometimes between 7-10 am. We are flexible in our approach and timings can be changed depending on the overall Madians decision.
What if my team members are inactive? Can i change my team?
Yes ofcourse, if your team members are not responding then you can surely contact Server Admin and change your team.
How long the access to event is available?
The recorded sessions will be available for 10 days post the workshop.
What if I miss a lesson?
Your Dashboard has got you covered, it contains recorded sessions of each session.
Will I get Certificate of Completion?
Yes Ofcourse, but don't join this workshop for the sake of a Certificate. Skills & Exposure Matters!

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